Mattie was the best Christmas present we ever received!  She arrived on Christmas Eve of 2005.  When we first saw her at the M&G in Knoxville it was love at first sight.  Keith and I had traveled from Richmond, KY after seeing her on the Greyhound Rescue Foundation of TN website.  We had packed our lunches and took Mattie and our other grey, Chancey to the back of PetSmart to eat lunch.  Before Keith had a chance to take his first bite of peanut butter sandwich, Mattie ate half the sandwich right out of his hand!  We were amazed because she was so tiny and mild mannered.  She was the perfect traveler, and fit in right at home from day one.  We have never had any dog who did more to please than Mattie.  She loved playing with squeaky toys and hid them all over the house.  When we would find one under the sofa and ask her, “Mattie Tat, did you do that?” she would wag her tail with pride and Roo.  She loved to dance in circles and taught Chancey and Punkie how to “boogie.”  Mattie was our chow hound and loved to sun herself in her big backyard.  We would marvel how she would flip herself from side to side as though she had a built in timer. 

Thank you to Janis and Mike for all your loving support, and to Mattie’s foster parents for your wonderful care.  We will always be grateful to you all!

Mattie passed to Rainbow Bridge on December 12, 2012 after a short battle with cancer.  Up until the end she remained a loyal, loving companion to us all.  She crossed over the Bridge in her favorite bed with her favorite toy, and a bag of snacks, with her family surrounding her.  Her genuine goodness enriched everyone she met, and she’ll always remain in our hearts as our little, sweet “Mattie Tat.”