Brenda, Donna, Mike and Greys

Patrick & Donna with their pups

Noma with her girl CeeCee

Brenda checking her email while we snack

What a beautiful setting for checking email?

Barb and George with their greys and want to be grey Alex

Mike with the Kirby kids and Brenda, with uh, I see a nose back there

Patrick with the red crew and Donna with two

Mike with the Kirby crew


Donna with her Carson

Oops, one headless King Mom and Janis with Flint, Skip and Rollin the Stone brothers


Janine with three of her five Stone siblings

Christa, Debbie and Kim with some of their clan

What a beautiful morning

Motion and Roxie Kirby watching and waiting

Brenda is proof we do pick up



Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee

P.O. Box 32554
Knoxville, TN  37930-2554