The famous Van, Winner of BBH08 Award

We Made it to Myrtle Beach BBH2008

Noma and Darren


Brooke with her gang


Brenda, Patrick, Goldie, LayLa & Jake


Janis, Mike, Nikki, Lexie, Sammi & Motion


Donna, Josie, Bonnie, Carson, Porter & HotRod


Kimberly, Ronnie, Arwin, Sassy & Maggie


Beverly, Jason, Indigo, Chiquita & Blu

Christa, Jack, Honey & Sydney

Stephanie, Darrell & Tika

Our toast to ALL that were not able to be with us

Sammi Kirby 1st Trip to the Beach

Darren, is he or is he not a FOSTER

Jim & Mike preparing our HOT WING feast Noma making use of Jason's shoe opener

A Good Day with Good Food and Good Friends

A Day at the Beach is a Day to Relax



Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee

P.O. Box 32554
Knoxville, TN  37930-2554