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Breed History

Greyhounds were bred for thousands of years to hunt and prey. There is evidence of a Greyhound like dog dating back to 6000 B.C. in Turkey. However, in ancient Egypt, is where Greyhounds made their mark. Not only were the dogs hunting partners, they were also companions that were particularly worshiped by the Egyptians. The Greyhounds were mummified and buried along with their owners. They are the only breed of dog mentioned in the Bible.


Ex-Racer Info

A retired ex-racing Greyhound is usually between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. they stand between 24 and 31 inches tall and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds. Females are generally smaller than males. They come in a variety of colors such as black, fawn, blue (grey), brindle, white with patches of color, etc..



Personality and Temperament

Greyhounds are very loving and loyal. they demand attention, hugs, kisses, and love from you. Each personality is different. Some Greyhounds are bubbling with personality from the start and some are reserved at first. Sometimes the dog has to adapt to their new environment and trust and accept you. Once this happens, you will be greatly rewarded with a terrific companion. Greyhounds are quite curious. Track life is different than home life. They have never seen ordinary things in life such as cars, TVs, mirrors, stairs, etc.. Most people assume that Greyhounds are very active which is not the case. They are sprint runners and tire easily. A nightly walk or a romp in a secure fenced-in area is perfect. Most Greyhounds love children. However, adult supervision is recommended.


Consider the following:

Greyhounds are inside dogs. they do not have any body fat to tolerate extreme temperatures, certain flea medications, and some anesthesia.
If you do not have a fenced-in area, they must be walked on a leash.  Greyhounds can never be off leash if outside of a fenced area.
Greyhounds live to be between an average of 12 to 14 years of age. A long commitment is required.
Greyhounds need annual shots, health check, monthly heartworm preventative, flea control, and if they become sick or injured, they require medical treatment.
An Adoption fee of $225.00 is to help cover the cost of spaying or neutering, shots, teeth cleaning, heartworm check, heartworm preventative, and we deal with any other health issues that might arise, etc.   We also give a new Martingale collar & leash set.

If interested in a senior Greyhound ask us about our Senior Adoption Program.

  1. Gain knowledge about Greyhounds.
  2. Call us for information. (contact numbers below)
  3. Join us at one of our Meet and Greets and talk to a representative and meet the hounds. click here for scheduled Meet and Greets
  4. Read an informative book about Greyhounds such as "Adopting the Racing Greyhound" by Cynthia A. Branigan and "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies" by Lee Livinggood
  5. Complete an adoption application. (can be obtained at one of our Meet and Greets or by email) As of January 1, 2007 a $20.00 Application deposit will be required.  The Adoption Fee is an additional $225.00.  The Adoption Fee is to help cover expenses incurred.
  6. After personal and Vet references are approved, a home visit will be required to ensure that the Greyhound and your family including any other pets you may have are compatible.
  7. After final approval, a home visit will be scheduled and if all goes well, and the GRFT Rep and you determine this is the right Greyhound for your family, you will sign a contract. The Adoption fee will be required and you will receive your life long companion.

If you would like more information about adopting a Greyhound, please contact us by clicking on the "CONTACT US" button at the top.


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